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Offering sponsorship advertising options to help your business gain more exposure in the community!

Sponsorship Advertising & Signage Options

Signage Options

Every package below includes your logo and link on our website and Facebook page.


Sign Size Options:

  • 3×6 Sign – $125.00 + GST Annually
  • 4×8 Sign – $300.00 + GST Annually

Scoreboard Sponsorship:

  • 1×8 Illuminated Signage Above the Scoreboard – $350 + GST Annually


*The annual fee + GST DOES NOT include the one time production cost of the sign. All signs are displayed around the perimeter of the playing surface.

Full-House & Free Guard Zone Ads

Place your logo and business name in the most visible spot in the Rink! The Rings and Free Guard Zone are not only most visible to the curlers on the ice, but also to the spectators by cameras that project the action on the ice to screens mounted inside the club.

Full House Option

  • One Full-House Ring/Hog Line/2 Rock Markers – $500.00 + GST Annually
  • BONUS: 3×6 SIGN – No Annual Fee!

Cost of production NOT included in the above

Free Guard Zone Option

  • Two 4×2 Free Guard Zone Signs placed between the House and the Hog Line – $125.00 per sheet + GST Annually
*DEADLINE is June 15th 2023 for In-Ice Ads

Local Design Services

Graphic Designers for your Advertising Needs

The following local Graphic Designers are available to Create your Advertising Designs:

Phoenix Signs and Graphics

( 403) 934-1133

Tri-M Design

Kevin Muenchrath

( 403) 934-3546

ALL In-Ice Advertising:

A Quote can be given through JET ICE for production costs:

Quick Facts & Exposure For Your Business

Our Club features multiple avenues of exposure for your business:

  • Boasting 4 sheets of ice and a growing community,  with ample opportunity for eyes on your signage.
  • Featuring a large lounge area and kitchen, catering to the local community as well as club members.
  • Leagues for everyone. We host a variety of age groups and demographics for a wider audience.
  • Bonspiel events throughout the season with the potential for hundreds of eyes on your signage.
  • Year round event rentals such as parties, weddings, celebrations and more. Not only during curling season!

Sponsorship & Our Vision

The vision of the Strathmore and District Curling Club is to be a community minded organization dedicated to the development and promotion of the social, recreational and competitive aspects of curling by providing:

  • A first-rate facility and services.
  • Great opportunities for membership in leagues and programs.
  • Bonspiel events.
  • A facility for community activities.
  • Strong partnerships with local businesses.

    Thank you for your consideration – The Sponsorship Committee

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